House II - A Rxoof

House II is a 240 square meter installation designed collaboratively by the first year students in the ALICE laboratory of EPFL. Each design studio had to imagine a room for the house, prefabricate it and assemble it in front of the Toni-Areal in Zurich.

Our studio designed the roof, central to the whole house it allows a smoother connection with the rest of the consruction while providing shelter to the underlying project. 

To deal with the slight curve of the whole house, the cover of the roof was designed with different units allowing the curve to be dealt with and natural light to draw a pattern when seen from below. 

July 2017

EPFL - Bachelor, 2nd semester

Studio Director: Ruben Valdez, under the guidance of Prof. Dieter Dietz

With Studio Valdez,

Additional role: inter-studio coordination

Photo: Anna Positano