Born on the shore of the Geneva Lake in Switzerland on the 12th May 1993. After some technical drawing courses at the age of 14, my fascination for architecture kept on growing. The idea of conceiving something on paper that would, later on, be built and used for decades to come captivated me. This growing passion was watered by a deeper understanding of the different layers that constitutes architecture.

Materiality, its expression and tactility.

Details and how to find solutions that fit your idea.

The user's inexplicable experience of a space.

These are some of the elements that drive me every day in my love for architecture.

After finishing my Matura I decided to do my mandatory military service and ended managing groups of approximatively 30 people as a lieutenant in the Swiss army


This gave me the opportunity not only to learn a little bit about management but also, with the money earned during my service, to fulfil one of my dreams: travel. I prepared my backpack and hit the road for ten months going through India, Nepal Vietnam, Laos, and Thaïland where I worked as a Dive Master for a couple of months.


After that, it was time for me to follow the idea that merged years ago: becoming an Architect. In 2016  I entered the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland. 

During my last year of Bachelor, I was allowed to study abroad and went to the University of Tokyo for 2 semesters. This was a chance for me to widen my perspective and understanding of architecture and space.

I am currently doing an internship as a carpenter, which is giving me a deeper understanding of construction and the problem that the architect might come across when building.